Physicians for Clinical Responsibility

Physicians for Clinical Responsibility began as a group of about 60 doctors, mostly retina surgeons but also other specialists, general ophthalmologists, and a few ethicists who share a common commitment to honesty, transparency, and above all patient welfare in the practice of medicine. The group formed in 2006 when it became clear that the emergence of Lucentis as the ultimate "me too" drug would up-end the entire economics of eye care and create a destructive tipping point in the ongoing conquest of American medicine in the name of unbridled corporate profiteering.

We spoke out then, and in the interim we have continued to put our patients first as we have watched as this drug's maker and the industry in general has distorted data, ignored obvious facts, and enjoyed increasing cooperation and support from elements in the medical profession that gain from industrial support and compensation. We also stand against other profit-based mistreatment of patients in the form of various "scams" that take advantage of patient trust and place them and our society at physical and financial risk.

PCR's numbers continue to grow. With the CMS release of 2012 physician payments, the issue has become a center of interest on a national level. It is clear at a glance who channels about 2 billion dollars a year to industry and who does not, and as expected the channel is a distinct minority of about 800 out of 17000 doctors. Many issues spring from this phenomenon, and several are covered here. We have reached the unsustainable limit of this destructive influence of industry on medical care, and whatever the outcome, we simply must make a stand.